36. Dealing With Disaster – Part 1

For this post on disaster and its aftermath, my wife can tell her story better than I can. The day was sunny, the air crisp, the temperature perfect. It was my second day arriving at work after a whirlwind tour of Italy. I was just about to enter the converted bank where my office was […]

32. The Resentment Piranha

I have been struggling for a while with resentment toward a family member. The feeling stems from my view that this person has unfairly treated another relative who is vulnerable and not well. If my words of caution had been followed years ago, the vulnerable family member would be in a much better situation, of […]

30. Fun People We Have Known

We all know people who are fun, even outrageous. When we are in their presence, we are sure to forget our troubles and just enjoy ourselves. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a number of these people, trying to figure out what makes them so different from me. Here’s a little gallery of fun folks I’ve […]