44. Misunderstood

Lately, there have been many celebrities and politicians who blurt or tap out stupid things that they must walk back after a public outcry. Almost always they claim to have been “misunderstood.” Let me tell you, no one knows about being misunderstood better than people with disabilities. I find that people who consider themselves “normal” […]

32. The Resentment Piranha

I have been struggling for a while with resentment toward a family member. The feeling stems from my view that this person has unfairly treated another relative who is vulnerable and not well. If my words of caution had been followed years ago, the vulnerable family member would be in a much better situation, of […]

15. I Was Profiled as a Terrorist

Profiling is a tool used by law enforcement agencies “to catch the bad guys,” as they like to tell us. I don’t know how useful profiling is, but from first-hand experience I do know that it is an incredibly easy way to make mistakes and target innocent people. I started visiting my younger sister in […]